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Personalized Crystal Grid, Healing Crystals, Love Crystals, Abundance Crystals, Happiness Crystals, Protection Crystal,Good Luck Crystals

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Without grid
I will create a crystal grid with at least 8 crystals, selenite stick and mail you everything you need to set up a crystal layout or grid using the intention you sent to me. With over 15 years of experience as a Healer, I will do my best to select the specific crystals to address your intentions. I do have my Crystal Healing Certification to draw upon, experience working with clients and a lot of personal knowledge. I take the time to think about each situation from different angles. I am intuitive and have fostered a connection with different angels whom I allow to guide me. It is all part of the process of life. All my Crystals are cleansed and enhanced with sound vibrations of positive frequencies like music. They come to you with good vibes. I love my work. Helping others is a focus if my lifestyle. Without grid is just the crystals for you to arrange or carry in the bag I send to you. All orders come with a free gift. Eveything and everyone is energy. Crystal emit an energy that can be measured. Their energy has an impact on our lives. Crystal energy and vibration, work with your own energy field to heal, or manifest what you are seeking in your life. They can be used for healing of emotional wounds, spiritual guidance, or bringing love or abundance into your life. A good example is you may be lacking a certain frequency but a specific crystal has that energy frequency you are missing so using the crystal can help your body and energetic field to start to emit the new frequency. With Crystal Grids, the effect of the crystals is amplified. You are placing a combination of crystals in a sacred geometrical pattern, then setting your intention out into the Universe. The crystals, grid, and intention help you communicate your desire with the Universe in a powerful and swift manner. With Crystal Grid kits I sell, I am providing you with everything you need to set up your own grid. Its best you set it up in a place where it will not be disturbed. After you purchase your grid, I will message you with setup and activation. If you have any questions, dm me at any time. This combination is based upon years of schooling, working in clinics and online work. I am a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor. I will infuse and charge the crystals and the grid with healing Reiki energy and intention. If you would rather me not charge your crystals, let me know and I will let you do so yourself. I use positive frequency music with the right frequencies to help create the right environment for my crystals which means your crystals arrive in a "good mood" It is proven that crystals in the earth will grow at a faster rate when exposed to positive frequency music(Mystery Teachings- Crystals on I have been a Reiki healer for 15 years. Legal Disclaimer: The items and services purchased are not meant as a substitute for any kind of medical or legal services or advice. These products and services are meant to be used in conjunction with modern medicine. Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist for medical advice. All uses are traditional based upon my schooling and years of reading, and knowledge. Thanks for stopping by our shop. We donate our profits to different charities such as Aids Healthcare Foundation, local animal shelters, Doctors Without Borders, global groups such as Word Wildlife Fund and others.
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